Seven Pounds

I write on this thing way too much.

Spoiler alert – I won’t be giving away the ending, but I will elude to what happens.  just so you know.


I just got back from watching Seven Pounds.  There are no words.  After it was over, I just wanted to sit.  Just sit… and think.  Not even think, really.  Just feel.  To just feel the emotions that the movie was trying to evoke in us.  But my family wants to talk.  They want to try and figure it out.  They want to discuss the details.  Screw the details.  Whenever I do get around to talking about a movie like this, I don’t want to talk about details.  The details aren’t important to me.  I want to talk about the emotions.  I want to talk about people, about story, about the bigger messages about human nature and the human condition and human relationship.  I want to talk about why the movie has meaning to me, how it speaks to my story, and how it names me.

This is a story about an unfortunate twist of fate.  It is a story about deep, numbing, paralyzing, heart-wrenching pain (and even all of those words don’t adequately describe it).  It is a story about loneliness and isolation, but also meaningful relationship and connection.  It is a story about tragedy, love, and sacrifice.  Tragedy, love, and sacrifice that many would call horrible, but I call beautiful.

It is a story about life.  It is a story about Us.



2 thoughts on “Seven Pounds

  1. mmmmm. great post, my dear friend! i just saw the film last night and posted my own entry about it. i also was in awe of this beautiful film. we shall have to talk more about it. (: love you!

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